Pimp My iPod

photoYes, I too paid my 8 Euro to upgrade my iPod to the latest software. So far I’d say it was worth it.

More than that, the upgrade finally made me go and buy some iPod equipment that I’d been planning to get for some time now, but could never actually come around to actually buying it. But since today I am the proud owner of a Belkin iPod pouch, new Philips earphones and an itty-bitty microphone.

Generally I use my iPod mainly for audio and video. I still think audio trumps video here, but ever since I realized that the quality is sufficient to watch TV shows on my iPod, I’m not completely sure whether that statement is true any more.

I also use it for mail and the web, and of course I have a bunch of applications for all sorts of stuff that I use whenever it makes sense and/or I’m bored.

What really sold the upgrade for me was the search and the copy-and-paste. I also like any kind of Bluetooth feature, although I don’t think this one will actually help me any time soon. Still, glad to know it’s there.

Shake to shuffle also sounds like a wonderful feature, especially since I’ve been using shuffle on my complete library lately.

Now with the new upgrade and the addition of the fancy new iPod equipment (especially the microphone) I might take the iPod experience to a slightly different level. Who knows. I already registered for AudioBoo, but it might be some time before I find a valid reason to actually publish something.

Oh wait, I don’t need a valid reason. I can just do it for fun. But I’d probably like to be less tired for my first and therefore very important AudioBoo publication. So be patient.

I’d also like to tell you a bit more about what I do with my iPod and why. I just need some time away from it to actually write about it, at least until Squarespace finally releases the iPod app they are already marketing to me. Hurry up!

(As for the earphones, they’re Philips and in-ear earphones. The in-ear part was the only requirement I had when I went to the electronics department. The Philips ones came with a little pouch and a volume control, which was the ultimate selling point compared to the slightly cheaper Sony ones that had neither. I really came to like things that come with their own pouches, because it makes handling all the electronic equipment I tend to carry around a lot easier and neater. I also liked the look of the Philips ones better.

Taking all that into account, plus the budget I had in mind for it, I’m glad to report that it didn’t take me too long to decide. It also helped that the sales guy said that in that price range there wasn’t really a significant difference in quality between one company or the other. So. Yep. Pouch and volume control it was. And less glittery design.)

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