Moving a Blog

Anne Manga

It kind of is and then again, it’s really not. But let’s start at the beginning.

Welcome to Here Be Subtlety at its new home at Squarespace. It took some time for it to move, but we finally made it and now I need to unpack. And this is where the trouble starts.

I’ve wrecked my brain about how to start this and I think I finally got the answer. I will start from scratch here and not export my old posts from WordPress. A lot of brain power went into the process of making this decision and there are pros and cons to it still. Apart from the fact that the export from WordPress gives me an HTTP 500 every single time, that’s not the only reason why I will leave the old stuff where it is (and yes, keep the WordPress blog alive) and put the new stuff up here.

The other reason is that I’m trying a new thing here, guys. The thing will be making this blog a bit more content-driven with all things IT, tech, pop-culture and whatnot related and using Tumblr and Twitter for the link dumps and personal wittinesses.

Question rightfully asked: Will that work?

Answer honestly given: I have no frakking idea.

This is an experiment once again. The thing I have learned about all my creativity outlets and outbursts on the web is, some of them will live and some of them will die and some of them will turn into something else. I’m only doing this for fun. Just as you should only be doing this for fun as well.

So this is where we’re at. Being more content-driven probably means less but longer posts, so bear with me. I might bring some of the better posts from the old blog over here if I feel they belong here, but not yet. I also don’t know if there’s a good way to deal with the RSS feed. You might just want to add a new one to your feedreader. This is work in progress and there shall be more things to come (other than new posts) in the near future.

So. Hi. This is Here Be Subtlety. I’m Anne and this is my blog.

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