More Whiteboards Everywhere

I wrote a post about my deep love for whiteboards a while ago. This is a short follow-up with a revolutionary (well, not quite) idea that I’m proposing to development teams everywhere.

We’ve been jokingly talking about that at work, but I think it has a good point: We have our little office kitchen, basically the heart of the whole office floor because it’s where the coffee is. Often enough, kitchen small-talk turns into a design session, some technical issue gets discussed, a specific problem is brought up and so on. You probably know what I’m talking about.

So, what if we had a whiteboard in the kitchen? It would make total sense and would be perfect for turning a kitchen discussion into a design concept. Draw it up, take a picture with your cell phone, go back to work. It’s the spontaneity that counts here and having an easy way to jot down ideas would bring this to a whole new level.

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