Now, How’s that Working Out For You?

About a month ago I switched from WordPress to Squarespace, started a blog at Tumblr and kept my Twitter account.

I intended to use this blog a bit more gadget/techonology/pop culture/development oriented with longer articles rather than short notes about my daily going ons. The blog at Tumblr was intended as a container for all the things that I stumble upon on the net and otherwise. And Twitter… well, Twitter is Twitter and I use it however I please with whatever I can say in 140 characters.

(There has been one tiny change though, as I started to tweet in German as well. There’s no fixed rule to that, it just happens. I’m aware that this means that some of my followers won’t be able to understand everything I tweet, but I decided that I can live with that.)

So, how’s that working out for me?

Almost surprisingly, the answer is: Pretty good. I was worried that I would have a lot of gray areas where it wouldn’t be clear what would belong where. Or that I would start posting things duplicate times in multiple places.

Turns out the lines I drew make perfect sense. Granted, it’s only been a month and I haven’t posted a lot on this blog. Which was kind of the point. I don’t feel the need to post an entry just because I haven’t written one in the last week. I wait until I find something that I can write about in some length and then I do it. If that means that two weeks pass between blog posts, then so be it.

Tumblr works fantastic for me as well. Now whenever I find something on the web or a quote in a book or from a song that I like I just post it on Tumblr and that’s it. No need to comment on it in detail.

So, all in all, so far the transfer and shift in splitting content between services is working amazingly well for me. Of course I can only speak for myself. Not sure how it’s working for you. To get a complete idea of what I’m up to, you now need to follow me on three places. On the other side, that’s what RSS is for, so your feed reader of choice is your friend here once again.

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